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An implant is an artificial root made of titanium which is placed in the jawbone to replace the missing natural root of the tooth.

If the implant is properly grown into the jawbone a crown can be placed or by multiple implants crowns or bridges can be placed.

When implants?

  • If dentures and other removable dentures does not give you the comfort you desire.

  • To improve chewing and feel the sensation like having natural teeth.

  • To prevent the grinding of healthy teeth [next to the missing root/tooth].

  • To reduce/stop bone reduction where the root of the tooth are missing.

  • To prevented/reduced sunken lips.

Other options

Sometimes there is insufficient bone in the upper and/or lower jaw and there is no need or ability to make changes.
There are also semi-fixed solutions, for which only a few teeth and/or implants are needed, for prosthesis such as a click-or partial-prosthesis .

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