Dental Clinic Valkenburg


At our modern dental practice Dental Clinic Valkenburg.

Everyone wants healthy and well cared teeth.

A healthy denture is important for healthy digestion and your self-confidence.

Often, the high costs, frequent consultations and sometimes fear holding you back to undergo dental treatment.

Our dental practice provides excellent dental care and we offer various treatments.

Our dentist has experience with anxiety patients who did not visit a dentist for 10 to 40 years out of fear. These patients have been treated successfully by our dentist!

Of course we give you a thorough explanation of your treatment and your questions will always be answered before and during the treatment.

We are always clear about the duration and cost of your treatment!

Dental Clinic Valkenburg in the Netherlands has affordable rates, we have no waiting times and after a short time your crowns or other prostheses can already be placed.

Do you want lower prices and have no objections to visit beautiful Hungary?

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Sometimes the upper jaw bone is insufficient, then a sinuslift is needed. [This treatment is offered in Hungary]

On the most common dental treatments are briefly explained. If you want more information don't hesitate to CONTACT us!

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